Express Yourself: Healing Through Art

Life is an on-going process. People come and go. Life is full of surprises. But the process of dealing with loss is not equally easy for everyone. Some can accept the fact that they need to move on while others are not easily able to express themselves, which may lead to internalization of their feelings. At Embracing Your Light, we understand how challenging it can be to deal with life’s ups and downs.

Express Yourself - Emotional Art Healing WorkshopThrough the process of dealing with her own life struggles, Jacqui Ruiz was able to develop an expressive painting process that allowed her to overcome some of her toughest life experiences. Through this process, Jacqui realized just how effective emotional expression through art really is and how it could help other people cope with the inevitable struggles of life.

How Does It Work?

Art doesn’t have to be about how somethings looks. Contrary to what some might think, some of the most beautiful art comes from within. It comes from a natural expression of emotion conveyed on a canvas. This workshop empowers you to see beyond the image you are painting and experience the emotions that come from each stroke of your brush.

Through the use of carefully selected music and guided painting exercises, you will experience a flow of emotions that you may have never felt before. By releasing our attachment to the way things look, we begin to let go and see life for what it really is. A beautiful adventure to be cherished.

What Is Life Really About?

Let’s face it, life is tough. Just when things seem to be going well, everything crashes down on you. Life has a natural ebb and flow that keeps things interesting… and in balance. But in life, it’s not what happens to you that matters. What truly matters is what you do in response to what happens. Taking time out of your day to say you matter, to say that you deserve some time to express your emotions rather than bottling them up. That is powerful.

Express Yourself: Los Angeles Based Art Healing WorkshopIn this workshop, you can experience the free flow of emotions that comes from separating yourself from attachment. From the way things look. In life, what we resist persists. That is to say, that when we allow ourselves to experience our emotions, they pass through us rather than building up internally.

Art has a way of connecting the body with the mind. And often times when we allow our bodies to release emotion our minds and hearts will follow. It’s sort of like striking a power pose and feeling more confident as a result. On the contrary, if you shrug your shoulders and lower your head, you will likely feel more defeated. Our minds and bodies are intimately connected and we can help you harness that power.

The Time Is Now, Come And Join Us!

We often regret the things we wish we would have done in life rather than the things we have already done. There is an interesting paradox surrounding things that are unknown. They are scary because the mind wants to dream up a thousand and one possible negative situations in order to keep us safe. To prevent us from making a fatal mistake.

But taking the risk to express your emotions will likely do more good than harm. So, don’t let the failure to act keep you trapped in your current situation. Decide to take action. This is your life. Live it!

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