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I believe that each person has an inner light that has an illuminating power to heal from within. Coming to terms with our journey here on earth and it’s inevitable end isn’t always an easy exercise. That’s why I am here to support you in experiencing your true inner light through empowering workshops, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, trainings, community gatherings, and more. . .

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Who Am I?

My journey into self discovery and enlightenment began while working as a mortician. With 15 years in the funeral industry, facing death daily was both challenging and eye-opening. Realizing the importance of being loved and giving love, the nurturer in me came to life. My studies in the work of death and dying, and emotional intelligence brought me to developing a unique blend of emotional healing work and creativity.

I am a truth seeker and believe our greatest path to freedom is to honor ourselves in every way. The great things as well as, and equally, the not so great things. Because I understand that the timing of our lives is limited, I have embraced a no nonsense approach to love. Meaning, we have no time to waste in letting people know they matter. I’m like a big sister, caring for you, and loving you unconditionally while openly, honestly expressing what isn’t serving you – for those like you who can appreciate an honest approach. People walk away after engaging with me feeling loved, knowing they have someone they can count on for honest and loving, compassionate interactions.

Why I do what I do?

I believe when we embrace life’s hardships – the emotional challenges of life – as a normal part of our human experience is when we are most free. It is through the challenging life experiences that we build character, strength, and often find our purpose. It was during my most painful life experiences, while I was wandering aimlessly in the world, that I felt so alone. I opened Embracing Your Light so that you and others going through your most difficult life experiences do not have to do it alone.  Embracing Your Light is about learning how to embrace the challenging emotions and use them to your benefit. To help you grow, and learn the benefits of your painful experiences.

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How Can I Help You?

Whether you have recently lost a family member, close friend, pet, job, or anything of significant value, you will likely experience some level of emotional loss and grief. But that is ok, it’s part of being human. The important thing to remember, is there are people who are here for you. We are here for your support when you need help getting through those tough times. Reach out to us, come to a workshop, or get involved in one-on-one coaching. No time is the right time. So, right now is the best time. The time is now.

What Do I Offer?

I provide a number of resources from workshops to one-on-one coaching to support you in growing your inner light. I believe you can shine brighter…

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